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Buying fertilizer early can help improve your bottom line.  Though no one knows exactly what will happen in the coming months, there are some things that need be considered.

Traditionally, the cost of fertilizer increases near planting season and locking nutrient needs in early often provides favorable pricing. Additionally, spring time supply issues are not predictable nor uncommon, creating uncertainty and expense that can be avoided.

Buying and taking possession of your fertilizer inputs early provides both savings opportunities and the security of having your fertilizer on hand when and where you need it.  But conventional fertilizer materials often do not store well or are incompatible with other nutrients, limiting your ability to feed your next crop the balanced nutrition it needs to reach its yield potential.

AgroLiquid products minimize these limitations providing you benefits that are Economically Sustainable and Agronomically Sound.  

You have a lot to consider, cash flow, storage, material handling and application capabilities, nutrient balance, yield expectations, sustainability; all challenges for which your local Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizer dealer has solutions. Give them a call and see how buying your fertilizer early can improve your bottom line. Contact a dealer near you.

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